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Artist Media

What is "Art Cambric?"

Our Cambric fabric is a finely woven cotton textile with a smooth finish and a proprietary coating, allowing it to be the premium choice when Artists need the best medium for their work.  

The Cambric material differs from our traditional "Canvas" media due to its finer weave and lighter weight.  Cambric is often used by Artists in custom wall art where the work is completed in a studio, then applied much like "wallpaper" for the end customer.

Cambric is used in traditional projects by easily forming the material over a wooden frame and permanently attached (glue, staple, etc.).

Cambric can also be presented much like a "banner" but as a custom painted project.  Uses can be as window dressings, back drops, stage settings, etc.  See some of the great work done by our Artists partners below.

Ordering Information

*Orders must be received by 1pm EST. for Same Day Shipping

Roll Widths


Roll Pricing

36" Width

5 yds   - $75.00

10 yds - $125.00

20 yds - $200.00

30 yds - $220.00


72" Width

5 yds   - $122.50

10 yds - $205.00

20 yds - $350.00

30 yds - $395.00


*Prices DO NOT include shipping*


R Graves & Co. piece titled "Melissa's Garden" on our Artist Cambric fabric

To see more work on our Artist Cambric by R Graves & Co., visit their gallery here

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