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Fabric Colors & Embossing

You've by now realized we like to offer options.  Just as we have a wide variety of fabrics, so does our color palette.  With over 30 color options for our blackout fabrics; style and color combinations start to become endless.     

When it comes to our custom coating color options with our Vision, Cotela (TFR) and Apagón Collections, it's time to get the imagination going.  Our in-house color lab will analyze and duplicate whatever color you can dream up.  Drop us a line and let's see what color we can drape the world in.  

Colors below should ONLY be used for reference as digital representations may differ.  Full fabric color books available upon request for true color matching

Color Grid - Pg 1 (No Background) 2023.jpg
Color Grid - Pg 2 NO BACKGROUND 2023.jpg
Color Grid - Pg 3 NO BACKGROUND 2023.jpg
Color Grid - Pg 4 NO BACKGROUND 2023.jpg
Color Grid Aug '23_edited_edited.jpg

Embossing Schedule

Your options don't end with our wide array of colors.  We offer 12 different embossing patterns to help customize your look and create stylized offerings for your clients.  See our schedule below to help best select your fabric with and pattern.

Embossing Matrix.png
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