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Art & Entertainment

ICF provides a selection of  fabrics suitable for many different purposes. Our Artist Fabrics include the popular Art Cambric material which is a flexible fabric that can be utilized from muralist installations to printing artwork; while our CineLuxe & Primo lines are an excellent choices for producing a high-quality movie projection surface.


The Chroma Green fabric is perfect for creating a green screen background for video production.


All of these fabrics are crafted with long-lasting materials and are engineered to deliver exceptional performance.


Artist Fabric

ICF has been producing some of the highest quality Artist medium for decades.  Take a look at our most popular material, "Art Cambric" which differs from traditional Canvas due to its 100% Cotton, finer weave and lighter weight characteristics.

Muralist love the ability of applying it like wallpaper for custom installations!  Paint in studio and apply at its final display destination.  Primed and ready for your artistry!

Projection Screen

A cost-effective solution for non-tension supported projection screen fabrication.  Available in various styles and types, our projection screen fabrics have been utilized in Schools, Conference Rooms, Performing Arts Halls and Auditoriums all over the world.

Conference room interior .jpg
Chroma Green Screen

Chroma Green Screen

From News Stations to Middle School TV Studios, our Chroma Green Screen fabric has cast on-screen talent from all over the country to backdrops of the wildest imaginations.  

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