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Our Story

"Our success is at the crossroads of Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Integrity & People."

- T. Foster

Founded in 1967, Indiana Coated Fabrics has become an industry leader in providing premiere fabrics with unsurpassed customer service.

Located in north-central Indiana, ICF's storied history in the textile fabrication & custom coatings industry has paved the way for state-of-the-art techniques and new products, all while propelling itself onto the global stage.  Our 200,000 sq ft facility provides an endless opportunity in the fabric coating and lamination industries.  

We believe in innovation, integrity, responsibility, customer experience; and take great pride in fusing together these core values within our products, customer interactions and employee experience here at ICF.   


Tim Foster


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Aaron Walt

Vice President


Dave Brettell

Vice President
Product Development

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Roberto Sanchez

Manager, Warehousing & Shipping


Andrew Meyer

Vice President
Sales & Marketing

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Tonya Satoski

Human Resources


Barb Owens

Customer Ordering
& Shipping

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All Videos

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