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Cotela Collection (TFR)

While the days of Oil Cloth for the window covering industry might be a thing of the past, one fabric that has stood the test of time is our Cotela Collection (“TFR”). 

Cotton has been the backbone of textiles for 5,000 years and while fiberglass and polyester based materials continue to be an effective application for the window covering world,
Cotela will always serve a purpose and a niche.


Prop 65 and Massachusetts's FR APPROVED


A key advantage to using Cotela is its ability to be color matched to just about any color the mind can dream up. 

Our proprietary coating process allows us to create a fabric that is 100% Natural Cotton, Flame Retardant with a look and feel that is truly unique. 

Pantone Colors for all to enjoy

Illuminating 13-0647 & Ultimate Gray 17-5104



Colors is our thing and that does not stop here with one of our longest running product lines in ICF history.  We inventory 19+ different colors of Cotela throughout the year, however, we can make just about any color your imagination can dream up.* 


See the below list of Colors readily available and be sure to reference our Color Page to help get a good idea of what your next project can look like!

12 Traditional Colors (click to see colors)

#11 – White

#48 – Dove Grey

#49 – Dark Grey

#118 – Pewter

#10 – Black

#51 – Ivory

#70 – Tan

#134 – Suede

#55 – Natural

#47 – Grey

#38 – Ecru

#41 – Green


9 Pantone Colors (click to see colors)
(select "Pantone FHI Cotton TCX" in the Color Library)


#143 - Classic Blue                       

#144 - Provence                          

#145 - Baby Blue                          

#146 - Monument                      

#147 - Cornhusk                          

#65  -  Rose Quartz                     

#148 - Stucco 
#149 - Ultimate Gray 
#150 - Illuminating                              


*Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply

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