the Apagón Collection

the Apagón Collection is a unique, new blackout series combining a textured woven front with a smooth back, creating an excellent solution for Roller Shades, Panel Tracks, Vertical Shades and even as a print medium - shade or banner!  

Using a proprietary coating process, we have been able to create a shade fabric that far surpasses the commonly used PES foam coated polyester products currently in the marketplace.  The durability, strength and its wide array of applications along with its visually appealing woven look & feel, allows for the Apag
ón Collection to excel in almost every measure.

As Window Covering applications have evolved, so has the need for better fabrics.  Here are the key advantages of the Apagón:

  • Resistance to Direct Sunlight; will not crack or yellow like PES foam fabrics

  • Premium woven look & feel

  • Near-limitless color options

  • Sizing up to 98" widths

  • Higher heat tolerance

  • Stronger tear strength

  • High-end decorative application...without the High-end price

  • Ultra stable

  • Ease of cleanability

  • Increased acoustics deadening

  • Additional usage as interior signage, banners, interior wall-scape design, etc.

Interested in our Printable Apagón fabrics?  Click Here to learn more


Style I - 98"
Rich woven texture look & feel


Style III - 98"
A smoother finish of the fabric fronted woven look & feel


Style II - 72"
Our Style I in a 72" format


Style IV - 72"
Our Style III in a 72" format

Style I

Style III

Style IV

Style II

Whether your application calls for durability, a customizable decorative look, or BOTH; the Apagón Collection is changing how functionality & design meet in the window covering world.

All our Apag
ón fabrics come in a near-limitless array of colors - just tell us what you need and we'll match in our color lab.  With proprietary lamination & coatings, substrates measuring up to 98" and customizable ordering, ICF has the perfect textile solution, no matter the application.
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