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the Vision Collection

Design - Durability - Innovation

Meet, Vision...the NEW member of the ICF Family of Fabrics.  Much like it's sister fabric, Apagón, Vision uses a proprietary coating & coloring process to its fabric-fronted Polyester face, giving it unmatched texture and appeal all while harnessing its renown durability via a laminate backing, but with a slight twist.


We realize a foam coated back looks nice but is less-than-ideal when standing up against the elements or even the cutting table.  Our back side to Vision provides not only a very workable surface but a distinctive look with our exclusive DeLux embossing, creating a visually attractive fabric on both sides.


Available in a 98" width, Vision comes in two weight options -
Vision Lite 13 oz., and Vision Plus 18 oz.  


Prop 65 and Massachusetts's FR APPROVED

Vision Plus - Color Front - DeLux White Back.jpg

Vision Plus

3 - Ply, 18 oz. Polyester Blackout FR

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